Let the Story Be Told

Soul Patrol

Vietnam LRRP History

Long Range Patrol operations were secret and classified. This story is an American military classic.  Although, the Lurp’s stories still search for answers long after the war ended...  We are constantly gathering information from other Lurp teams and revealing “interesting Lurp stories.”

For one particular group, the chronicle comes full-circle. The “Soul Patrol” team 2/6 fought at an elite level in a Long Range Patrol unit, F/51st LRP Infantry, ABN.  Four decades later, they tell their story.

We invite you to hear and know the “real story” and not some journalistic statements.  This web site and the documentary focus on a special group of combat warriors that made a monumental impact in the Vietnam War. We spotlight the men of the “elite bastards” who actually lived and fought the wars.

The mere existence of the Long Range Patrol in Vietnam changed the complexion of the war. “Lurps” were five-men teams trained to sneak deep behind the lines and disrupt enemy movement, “recon” to gather intelligence and conduct prisoner snatches.

Our Brothers from other LRRP units and groups and individuals such as Long Range Surveillance, Rangers, Special Forces, Navy Seals, Force Recon, and all other Special Operations members are invited to chime-in and provide their information or knowledge and mostly facts. We are Apolitical and Non-Partisan. We are not interested in anyone’s political thoughts or ideas. Racist comments are not allowed in this forum.

The Vietnam era produced many stellar and notable African American Veterans: The “Soul Patrol” documentary takes an abbreviated look at leaders like, General Colin Powel, General Daniel Chappie James Jr. and many other black Veterans who made a difference. Our focus is to create awareness about Lurps and the first all-black spec-op, Long Range Patrol team to fight in the Vietnam War.

Unique to military genre, the “SOUL Patrol” team was the first of its kind. This documentary reviews the tenure of a few black combat units throughout history.

Our story is proof why it’s important to unearth and reveal these unknown stories for the sake of history.

The Vietnam era Lurps were at the forefront of the special ops revolution. It is necessary for this web series and our documentary to point out that young African-Americans soldiers played a sizable role in Vietnam’s special and elite units.