Let the Story Be Told

Soul Patrol

I bought this book at the airport to pass the time and it sounded interesting as it looked to be a unique perspective on the Vietnam war...something different. From the moment I picked up this book, I could not put it down, riveting is an understatement. The reading of the book goes by real fast and idle moments in the book are non-existent.

I've read many Vietnam books but this one is one of the more memorable ones. Although the book cover initially catches your attention with being a story of the first African American Lrpp team in Vietnam, that doesn't seem to be the main focus throughout the book.

The book is more of an account of Ed Emanuel's personal experience in Vietnam with descriptive interactions with all different kinds of people, and in my opinion I'm glad it was written that way because the book is much more personal and not some cheap story line. The author holds nothing back and does not err to the conservative side of trying to make a book to please his readers. In fact at times you may find the opposite and maybe even a bit offended but you must understand that the author is not trying to purposely offend people but to tell his story like it is.

In doing so, I felt the book was written in its purest form and appreciated it for the author's truthfulness. Many of times, we get caught up in reading stories of Vietnam that are...well, just stories with little personality from those telling it, in this book that is not the case. Facts, opinions and intelligent inner-dialogue are apparent throughout. My only complaint is I wished the author would have went into how everything was for him after the war, but that would probably be a whole other book in itself. Excellent book, great dialogue, I highly recommend this as an addition to any adult's library. For those Vietnam War buffs, this is a definite "must buy" as it will truly add diversity to your library. I also recommend "The Nam" by Mark Baker, "Charlie Company" and "Bloods".

"I'm very excited about the Challenge Coin and patch I received from Ed Emanuel today. Although he did tell me how nicely the coin was, words cannot describe this coin; I had to see it for myself. Thanks Ed."

- Tee Mac


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