Let the Story Be Told

Soul Patrol

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This is not a story about the Vietnam War, but instead a story about the time and place for which those soldiers fought that war. We will explore the time period from 1967 to 1969, at home and in Vietnam...

1967 to 1969 was the most volatile period of the Vietnam War. “Let the Story Be Told.”

The Saga Continues for the Vietnam Veterans…

For years they remained silent. Now they emerge from the shadows to share their story. 

They are the first and only African-American, Special Operation, Long Range Patrol team to fight in the in the Vietnam War.  

The book “Soul Patrol,” is a non-fiction, mass-market publication, soon to be delivered as a film documentary.  

We will look at the history that leads to the conditions and policies, which shaped the war and the world.

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About Soul Patrol

Vietnam History 

The book “Soul Patrol” and our film documentary attempt to untie the knots of confusion; instead, we strive to celebrate the newfound unity and esprit d’corps of a life-long brotherhood.