Soul Patrol

It’s rare to be able to tell this type of story from our perspective, from the actual being “there” in Vietnam, though the interviews and the personal photos to the prying out the stories they didn’t want to talk about. 

I have a moral obligation to tell our story. It is my calling.  As a storyteller, 
I am honored and Blessed to have this unique opportunity.  I, the director of this project, was one of these guys. 

For years we’ve been fighting to finish and to air this documentary.  With your help, we can see a finish line.  The production budget has personally exhausted my retirement funds to the point that I have to ask for monetary help.

A two-hour documentary is a large expense and we are half way there. We need to find more vintage news footage, live-action production staff and expense, studio time, music and editing… I can go on... 

We will complete this historical and worthy project; money determines how long it takes. We are asking for your support and your donations to help us get the job done.  

Our production staff and crewmembers are all Film & TV professionals who are “military service veterans” themselves.  We as a “production company” are a Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Business.

We respectfully ask you to purchase the coins, patches and the book, and donate any amount you desire.  A $40 dollar “gift bundle” is available for your donations. Any amount over $40 dollars will be greatly appreciated. All monies go toward the production and the completion of this movie.

My previous documentaries and productions (listed on this page) have helped many veterans receive their VA ratings, other times we have helped them to find their way back.  I’m sure our new and inspiring website targeting combat veterans will do the same.  So please, help us help “more” veterans.

Our “scroll logo” is a dedicated placeholder that will occupy this space until the “Soul Patrol” preview content becomes available.  With your help, it will be soon.

P. S.  Please continue to chime-in, Talk to Us… our website is your portal.  It’s important for ‘us’ that we keep you posted on our progress and to also let’s us know, “who” out there we can help.  

Thank you and “Charlie Mike!”  (Continue Mission)


Ed Emanuel

A Letter From the Producer/Director

Let the Story Be Told