Let the Story Be Told

Soul Patrol

Never can History duplicate this story, about an “elite” African–America Long Range Patrol team. 

The book “Soul Patrol” is a riveting true story of the “first and only” all-black spec­-op team to fight in the Vietnam War. 

Little is known of their military contributions and legacy.

In commemoration of their service, we are offering for the first time ever, highly collectable “Soul Patrol” Challenge Coins. 

Your support and contributions will help insure the completion of the “Soul Patrol” film documentary.  Every time you purchase one of these proudly appointed coins, we are a step closer to the finish line.

This challenge coin represents, team honor, distinction and combat service.  The”Soul Patrol” coins are as rare as the team itself.

Team 2/6 is portrayed in stunning 3–dimensional gold, “color” inlays.  The coin is 2.5mm thick and heavy to the feel.  These challenge coins are simply awesome to own…

The coins are embellished with the best craftsmanship. Every intricate detail is enhanced.  The coins are “two” inches in diameter and “both” sides present a design edge that tells the team’s history at a glance. 

In time they will become more rare and highly sought after.  For a limited time, we are releasing these collectable coins for the low price of $20.00 each. 

Before they are gone, buy now to guarantee your collectable “Soul Patrol” Challenge coins

The “Soul Patrol” challenge coin.  No coin can beat this! Hoo-hah!   To be continued…

Challenge Coin

Each coin is engraved with a special number that will never be repeated or duplicated.